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Thermal Bridging Models

Celotex Energy Assessments include thermal bridging models as part of their comprehensive service, featuring our industry leading PIR insulation products. Celotex Energy Assessments give you the information you need to understand the build-up required, to help prevent heat loss through a typical junction of elements or around openings. Typically heat loss through these elements can account for 15% of the total heat loss over an entire building.

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What are thermal bridges?

Thermal Bridges (also known as cold bridges or heat bridges) occur because of breaks in the insulation at junctions and openings within a construction causing heat loss. As insulation standards continue to evolve, it has become increasingly critical to consider heat loss in these areas.

Why understand them?

It is important to not only understand the heat transmittance of the floor, walls and roof (U-values), but to realise that their thermal efficiency is also affected by variables such as junctions and openings, as described by a Psi Value. Improved junction values can help eliminate the need for costly renewable energy sources and heat recovery systems. Minimising thermal bridges can also help protect the building and its occupants' health, by reducing the risk of surface condensation forming and mould growth.

How can Celotex help me?

Celotex Energy Assessments can provide specific Psi values for Celotex PIR insulation across multiple applications which can then be used in SAP calculations. SAP is a calculation method for residential developments to work out the expected carbon emissions and fabric energy efficiency over the course of a year. Thermal Bridging consideration allows SAP assessors and commercial teams to value engineer other parts of the envelope to balance costs and enhance build performance.

How can I access them?

Contact the Celotex Energy Assessments team to make use of this service.