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Mobile U-value Calculator

The free Celotex App provides instant mobile access to our professional U-value calculator.

U-value Calculator
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The Celotex U-Value mobile app has been designed in response to the increased use of our online U-value calculations browser application on mobile devices. This professional calculator provides much-improved service and mobility, allowing you to specify your desired U-value before immediately calculating the required insulation thickness and product solution.

The introduction of the App is a time saver for specifiers wanting to create buildable solutions and with even more wall, floor and roof applications included; it will offer you instant solutions which meet your U-value requirements.

The U-value App is available on Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as any Android devices.

Option A

  1. Visit the app store
  2. Download the app to your iTunes
  3. Then sync your device to iTunes
  4. Start using the U-value calculator app

Option B

  1. Visit Google play
  2. Click install
  3. Sign in if required and select your device
  4. Start using the U-value calculator app

It really is as simple as that!