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Tesco Woolwich Central

Located 10 miles east of central London, the new Woolwich Central development comprises a Tesco Extra hypermarket, 400 apartments and 600 parking spaces split over two levels below the store.

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Premium performance PIR insulation solution for retail buildings

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Sector: Retail / Leisure

IMPORTANT: On 1 September 2017, Celotex took the precautionary measure to temporarily suspend the supply of Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 while we investigate the results of recent tests (Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476). Materials relating to these products are for information only.

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The Objective

Located 10 miles east of central London, the new Woolwich Central development comprises a Tesco Extra hypermarket, 400 apartments and 600 parking spaces split over two levels below the store. The design was to achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ with the residential units achieving a Level 3 rating under The Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Challenge

Woolwich Central – one of the biggest ever developments by Tesco developer Spenhill – required a high performance insulation to be installed on concrete soffits and ceilings between the underground car park and the new 85,000 sq ft Tesco store.

The insulation specification was crucial to the project. Not only did it have to prevent car park noise from disrupting the shopping experience for Tesco customers, it also needed to prevent cold air from passing from the relatively cold car park into the warmer supermarket area.

The Solution

Across the project, construction materials were carefully chosen that would reduce energy consumption, minimise waste and environmental impact. With the insulation layer a vital element in semi-exposed concrete soffits and ceilings, the specification of a high performance solution was also a prerequisite.

To meet the thermal performance requirements and tight installation programme, specialist contractor Sharpfibre specified 15,000m2 of Celotex FR5000. Following close consultation with the Celotex Technical Centre, Sharpfibre specified FR5000 in a thickness of just 80mm to achieve the target U-value of 0.25 W/mK with a thinner solution.

Delivering an exceptional lambda value of 0.021 W/mK, Celotex FR5000 is the premium insulation from Celotex. Offering ‘best in class’ performance – FR5000 has an ‘A+’ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide and Class O fire performance.

The consistent lambda performance of 0.021 W/mK across all the product thicknesses made its specification at Woolwich Central a simple choice. With textured aluminium foil facings offering low emissivity, the thermal conductivity value of FR5000 ensured low heat transfer to prevent minimal condensation and maximum thermal performance.

With such a large scale project with so many trades involved, ease and speed of installation were also essential to ensure the strict deadline was achieved. Cut to fit in the most intricate areas, the Celotex FR5000 IQ super low emissivity textured aluminium foil facings meant that no additional facings had to be installed – further speeding up the process.

The Outcome

Early collaboration between Celotex and the specialist contractor, as well as their relationship with the client and main contractor on a previous project, helped to deliver a high quality and efficient installation that achieved the target U-value of 0.25 W/mK and contributed to the BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

“Celotex understood exactly what we were trying to achieve with the floor make up at Tesco Woolwich Central. With assistance from the Celotex Technical Centre and having utilised their products on a previous Tesco project with Willmott Dixon, the specification of Celotex FR5000 once again helped to deliver outstanding thermal performance at this landmark design and build scheme.”

Gareth Dean, Sales Director at Sharpfibre