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KFC Rutherglen

Overlooking the River Clyde, the drive-through restaurant required reliable, easy-to-install insulation for its single ply flat roof. MPK Steelwork and Cladding, the project’s sub-contractors, selected Celotex Crown-Fix

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High quality flat roofing insulation for a KFC restaurant

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Sector: Public Buildings

KFC required a high quality roofing insulation for its new restaurant in Rutherglen, Glasgow. The system was specified to improve the building’s thermal performance thus helping reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Overlooking the River Clyde, the drive-through restaurant which is due to open in summer 2016 required reliable, easy-to-install insulation for its single ply flat roof - MPK Steelwork and Cladding, the project’s sub-contractors, selected Celotex Crown-Fix. It was required to insulate roofs covering the main restaurant, a storage area and a customer meal collection point.

Celotex Crown-Fix proved the ideal insulation to supplement the KFC roof’s single-ply roofing membrane. A high performance, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation, Crown-Fix delivers excellent dimensional stability and added robustness in a mechanically fixed single ply flat roofing application. Its superb compressive strength contributes to its excellent thermal performance and features a superb low lambda value of 0.022 W/mK. Celotex offers an extensive package of online support, tools and aftercare, giving peace of mind to the contractor and client.

An estimated 350m² of 110mm and 50mm Celotex Crown-Fix was applied to the building. The two thicknesses of insulation were laid over decking and a vapour barrier before a membrane finished the roofing installation. Due to its high quality properties and easy application, contractors MPK Steelwork and Cladding were able to install the Crown-Fix in just three days. The product went a long way in helping the new building meet the required U-value in terms of thermal performance. 

Paul Milburn, Installation Engineer for MPK Steelwork and Cladding, commented: “Celotex Crown-Fix ensured a quick and easy installation. It enabled us to follow lines within the membrane so we were able to apply it incredibly rapidly. It’s a quality product and we would not hesitate to use it again.”