Celotex Rafter-Gold

Celotex Rafter-Gold Pitched Roof Insulation System

Celotex Rafter-Gold featuring TLX Gold is a unique insulation system designed for re-roofing existing pitched roof properties, using a combination of Celotex GA4000 high performance PIR insulation and TLX Gold - the unique intelligent 2in1 insulating breather membrane.

This system has the following features and benefits:

  • Upgrade your pitched roof insulation without raising the roof height
  • Does not require a vapour control layer (VCL)
  • TLX Gold adjusts its rate of breathability according to moisture exposure
  • The system provides excellent thermal comfort
  • Can be used with 100mm or 125mm rafters giving U-values as low as 0.26 w/m²K

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