Specifically designed for Rainscreen cladding applications, Celotex RS5000 meets the performance criteria in BR 135 and therefore is suitable for buildings above 18m

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IMPORTANT: On 23 June 2017, in view of the focus on components of rainscreen cladding systems, Celotex stopped the supply of Celotex RS5000, pending further clarity. In addition, we have recently identified a compliance issue relating to our calculation and testing of the lambda value of products in our 4000 and 5000 range and the Crown-Bond and Crown-Fix products within Crown Flat Roofing range. Material such as product downloads & specifications is for information only. Celotex do not currently supply a solution for buildings over 18 metres.

Please use the link below to read our full statement regarding declared lambda:

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Please use the link below to read our latest statements and information on RS5000 and rainscreen cladding applications:

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Suitable for use in warm steel frame constructions for ventilated facade applications, Celotex RS5000 can be used in buildings above 18 metres in height – a first for PIR insulation.>

With low emissivity textured aluminium foil facings, Celotex RS5000 comprises rigid polyisocyanurate foam core (PIR) using a blowing agent that has low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

  • Board size: 1200 x 2400mm
  • Thickness : (Currently Suspended) 50-150mm
  • Lambda: 0.021 W/mK
  • Facer: Super low emissivity textured aluminium foil facings

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Celotex RS5000 is a premium performance PIR insulation board that:

  • Has been tested to BS 8414-2:2005, meets the requirements in BR 135 and the first PIR insulation suitable for rainscreen cladding applications above 18  metres in height
  • Features Class O fire performance
  • Has a super low lambda value of 0.021 W/mK
  • Achieves an 'A+' rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide
  • Designed to enhance the thermal performance of insulated façade systems
  • Can be used as sheathing to warm steel frame constructions or fixed directly to masonry for overcladding applications.