Celotex Insulation Clips

The Celotex Insulation Clip provide a permanent way of securing the Celotex insulation with as little fuss as possible

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The Celotex Insulation Clip has been designed to enable insulation boards to be installed between timber joists or rafters quickly and without the need for nails, screws or battens. The clip should be used in situations where the insulation is being installed from above or below, for example, when fitting between joists in a suspended timber floor. Using the clip ensures that the insulation will be held firmly in place once installed in the correct manner.

  • Board size: Suitable for different Celotex board size
  • Thickness : Suitable for different Celotex board thickness
  • Lambda: n/a
  • Facer: Plastic

Contact your local Celotex stockist to find out availability of the Celotex Insulation Clip