High performance PIR insulation for floors, walls and roof applications.

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IMPORTANT: We have recently identified a compliance issue relating to our calculation and testing of the lambda value of products in our 4000 and 5000 range and the Crown-Bond and Crown-Fix products within Crown Flat Roofing range. Please note that GA4000 below 100mm manufactured after 15 December 2017 will be marketed from January as Celotex GA3000 with a declared lambda value of 0.023 W/mK. To read the full statement, please visit the Celotex websirte homepage.

Please use the link below to read our full statements regarding declared lambda:

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Celotex GA4000 is suitable for a variety of applications, including roof, wall and floor insulation. This multipurpose PIR insulation board has long been at the heart of Celotex product range and achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide.

  • Board size: 1200 x 2400mm
  • Thickness : 50-100mm
  • Lambda: 0.022 W/mK
  • Facer: Low emissivity foil facings

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Offering enhanced thermal performance in cavity air spaces such as timber frame walls and pitched roof applications, Celotex GA4000 is a high performance PIR insulation board that:

  • Offers high performance insulation with low emissivity foil facings offering enhanced thermal performance within cavity air spaces
  • Is certified under BBA certificate number 95/3197 and 16/5352
  • Is suitable for a number of applications including roof, wall and floor systems
  • Is available as a BIM object
  • Has low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  • Future proofs the energy performance of new and existing buildings