Celotex offers a range of insulation accessories for floor, wall and roof applications.

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Celotex offers a comprehensive range of insulation products and accessories for floor, wall and roof applications including:

Celotex Insulation Tape

For the sealing of joints when installing foil-faced Celotex PIR insulation boards. This three-in-one product prevents air leakage, completes the vapour control layer and maximises thermal performance.

Celotex Insulation Tape is suitable for a range of applications, including walling systems and pitched and fl at roofing applications.

Roll size:

50mm x 55metres.

Celotex Insulation Saw

When cutting Celotex PIR insulation boards, use the Celotex Insulation Saw. The saw is the only one on the market specifically for cutting PIR insulation boards. Featuring fine, hard point teeth, it is proven to dramatically reduce the amount of dust created when cutting Celotex insulation boards as well as reducing cutting time.

Physical properties:

Saw length: 350mm

Saw weight: 225grams

Tooth Protector Clip included

Celotex Insulation Clips

The Celotex Insulation Clip has been designed to enable insulation boards to be installed between timber joists or rafters quickly and without the need for nails, screws or battens. They provide a permanent way of securing the Celotex insulation with as little fuss as possible. Using the clip ensures that the insulation will be held firmly in place once installed in the correct manner.

For full and detailed information about these products, or other ancillary components, please download the individual product datasheet of interest.