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Comprehensive range of thicknesses - from as thin as 12mm through to 200mm.

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As a leading investor within the insulation sector, Celotex PIR has a considerable advantage over many other insulation providers. This is reflected through our high performance insulation solutions.

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Based on your application choice Celotex recommend using one of the following products:

Product Name Thickness Range Sizes Lambda BBA
CW4000 40-100mm 1200 x 450mm 0.022 W/mK Tick Icon
GA4000 50-100mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK Tick Icon
PL4000 15-65mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK Tick Icon
RS5000 (Currently Suspended) 50-150mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.021 W/mK Tick Icon
TB4000 12-40mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK Tick Icon
XR4000 110-200mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK Tick Icon