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Legacy Products

Welcome to our quick legacy product guide, helping you understand our current product range vs our old legacy products

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Celotex are committed to continuous innovation and a major focus of our business is to provide ground-breaking products, solutions and services for the insulation market. As technology develops we are able to evolve our product offering, which means, from time to time, some of our product details change.

To help you, we have put together this table to show you how some of our old legacy products translate into current product range which is available across the UK.

Legacy Product Range Current Product Range
Celotex SW3000 No current alternative
Celotex TD4000 No current alternative
Celotex FF4000                                 Celotex FI5000, Lambda improvement
Celotex TA3000 Celotex Crown-Fix
Celotex EL3000 Celotex Crown-Up
Celotex TC3000 No current alternative