Celotex Crown-Fix

Flat Roofing …by Celotex

Introducing three advanced Flat Roofing solutions featuring
cutting-edge thinness and thermal performance with solutions for mechanically fixed single ply and built-up applications as well as our new unique product, suitable for single ply bonded applications.

Our relationship with the UK’s installer and distribution communities has equipped us with unique insights, feedback and testing opportunities. Developed and rigorously tested over eighteen months, our new Flat Roofing products have had to meet demanding standards of integrity and performance.

  • A range of stocked thicknesses available
  • Low lambda range between 0.022 – 0.027W/mK
  • Excellent compressive strength of ≥ 150 kPa
  • Increased dimensional stability & added robustness
  • Extensive package of online support, tools & aftercare

So this isn’t just a generic Flat Roofing product from a well-known brand. It’s different and better because it is made by Celotex.

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Celotex Crown-Fix
Celotex Crown-Bond
Celotex Crown-Up