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Timber Frame Walls Sheathing

The timber frame wall sheathing application eliminates the thermal bridging of timber.

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For any building design, positioning thermal insulation to the outside of the structure is generally accepted as being the preferred option. It contributes to a ‘tea cosy’ effect - a continuous layer of insulation wrapped around the building, minimising heat losses. Not only that, but it keeps the structure at the internal temperature of the building, reducing any potential condensation risk.

Fixing an external layer of insulation to a timber frame construction might be seen as something of a luxury in terms of the building footprint - the timber stud depth, plus the depth of insulation required, followed by an external finish, results in a thicker wall construction. On sites where space is tight, such an option is likely to be quickly discounted, but there’s little doubt that it can result in a better performing building.

A further benefit of installing the insulation as a sheathing layer is that it leaves the timber frame void free to accommodate services. Sub-contractors and installers are free to work without the risk of cutting or otherwise compromising the installation, and therefore efficiency, of the insulation layer.

Celotex currently does not offer a product for use in applications above 18m. If you have any questions, please contact Celotex Technical.


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1200 x 2400mm
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