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Insulation for Single Timber Frame Wall Lining

High performance PIR insulation for single timber frame wall lining and dormer cheeks applications.

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Upgrading the thermal performance of existing buildings can offer interesting challenges when the options for installing insulation materials are limited.

Take, for example, the timber stud cheeks of dormer windows. The thickness of the cheeks is already likely to be the absolute minimum, and the nature of the existing construction may mean that little or no insulation can be installed between them. The only solution is to fix insulation to the inside face of the studs.

Single skin walls - a one brick-thick construction, often encountered when converting single storey garages or storage space to habitable accommodation - have similar constraints. Insulation materials should not be installed directly against the internal face of the masonry, meaning an air gap has to be created using timber studwork.

Both scenarios require a product that is easy to handle and cut, and straightforward to install. An insulation product with plasterboard bonded to it not only provides a thermal insulation upgrade, but also an internal lining - making installation faster and eliminating the need to cut two different products in separate operations.

Lightweight polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam boards, such as those manufactured by Celotex, are among the most thermally efficient of widely available insulation materials. They can therefore help to achieve U-value targets with a relatively minimal thickness, avoiding eating into available room space too much. Installed well, as part of a holistic approach to refurbishment and renovation, they can contribute to energy savings for the life of the building.


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Celotex products to consider

1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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