Rainscreen Cladding

Premium performance PIR insulation boards for use with a range of rainscreen cladding systems.

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Rainscreen cladding systems offer a number of benefits to the building designer. Lightweight, durable and available in a huge range of materials, ventilated façade systems allow buildings to achieve their aesthetic goals whilst utilising practical construction methods.

Relevant for both new build and refurbishment projects, rainscreen cladding is a popular choice for large multi-storey buildings; however structural performance, wind loading, fire performance and thermal efficiency are all considerations for the building designer. Constructions designed with high levels of insulation benefit from reduced running costs and lower levels of carbon emissions.

Suitable for use in warm steel frame constructions or fixed directly to masonry for over cladding applications, Celotex has a rainscreen cladding solution that is successfully tested to BS 8414-2:2005, meets the requirements in BR 135 and therefore suitable for use in buildings above 18 metres in height.

For specification details, design considerations and installation guidelines, download the Rainscreen Cladding Specification Guide

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Building above 18 metres?

Download the Celotex Rainscreen Cladding Compliance Guide, detailing the information you require for your ventilated façade projects.

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1200 x 2400mm
0.021 W/mK

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