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Insulation for Full Fill Masonry Cavity Walls

Premium performance PIR insulation board for use in full fill masonry cavity walls

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Building two skins of masonry (brick and/or blockwork) either side of an air cavity has been the most popular method for constructing external walls in the UK for about a century. From its development to address some of the flaws of traditional solid wall construction, it has gradually evolved in response to improving technology and the development of building regulations relating to energy efficiency.

Traditionally, rigid insulation boards were suited to partial fill cavity wall solutions only. Now, more advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed the development of products that overcome issues of water ingress which have typically required a 50mm cavity to be maintained.

The result is a wall where more of the cavity can be filled with some of the most thermally efficient insulation available, giving lower U-values without having to substantially alter the designs that are so familiar to - and popular with - much of the construction industry.

Celotex do not currently offer a full fill product for cavity walls. For alternative applications and insulation solutions, please contact the Celotex Technical Centre for more information.

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