Full Fill Masonry Cavity Walls

Premium performance PIR insulation board for use in full fill masonry cavity walls

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Cavity wall construction still remains the predominant build method within the UK consisting typically of a masonry inner and outer skin, separated by a cavity forming one part of a whole house approach. Within England, Scotland and Wales, both partial fill and full fill cavity wall insulation provide specification choices depending on the project's commercial and performance requirements. Celotex have extended their cavity wall portfolio, with premium performance insulation solutions for both partial fill and, with this latest addition, full fill masonry cavity wall applications.

Celotex CF5000, our full fill cavity wall PIR insulation, simplifies Building Regulation compliance with a U-value of 0.18 W/m2K, maximising thermal performance without the requirement to widen the cavity. Walls are key to the building footprint, so if the cavity is widened to accommodate thicker insulation this will impact plot efficiencies. Not to mention the requirement of longer wall ties, sized lintels and cavity closers etc. With 97mm thick CF5000 PIR insulation in a 100mm cavity, these requirements are eliminated.

Designed with installation efficiency in mind, CF5000 comes in 1200 x 450mm dimensions to fit standard cavity wall tie spacing as well as ease of cutting. CF5000 also includes a mechanically engineered rebated edge profile ensuring that the passage of moisture through the wall is eliminated.

For specification details, design considerations and installation guidelines, download the Full Fill Cavity Wall Specification Guide

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