Concrete Slab Floors

Celotex PIR rigid insulation is the perfect solution for concrete slab floors as no thermal bridging occurs at floor edges.

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Concrete slab floors are perhaps the most common flooring application, with many domestic and non-domestic constructions featuring a concrete slab application installed directly on the building foundations or subsoil. Celotex insulation has a tried and tested product range which is suitable for a range of flooring applications, including concrete slab. 

For excellent dimensional stability specify Celotex products in a concrete slab flooring application. Our easy-to-cut PIR insulation boards will fit into most spaces and offer reliable long term energy savings for buildings and homes.

Application Benefits:

• No thermal bridging at floor edges
• Tightly butted joints for insulation continuity
• Conveniently sized boards for handling indoors
• Enhanced compressive strength of ≥175 kPa with premium performance Celotex FI5000
• The composite facer of Celotex FI5000 features a built-in vapour control layer, enabling direct screed, without the need for an additional separating layer. This saves the installer time and money

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Recommended Products

1200 x 2400mm
75 - 125mm
0.021 W/mK

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1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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