High performance PIR insulation boards for projects where the basements walls and floors require insulating.

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With energy bills continuously on the increase, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce energy costs. Insulating a basement with Celotex’ high performance PIR insulation can provide better U-values and thinner solutions, as well as super low emissivity and fire resistance properties with our premium product FR5000. 11% of heat lost from a house is through the doors and floors, highlighting the need to insulate the space at the bottom of a home. Insulating a basement will help to achieve compliance to Building Regulations and ultimately save money.

Application Benefits:

  • Tapered edge plasterboard offers the installer maximum installation flexibility and speed
  • Provides an additional, highly thermal efficient living space
  • Provides a return on the initial investment
  • Offers reliable long term energy savings for buildings
  • Provides high performance energy efficient improvements

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1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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1200 x 2400mm
0.022 W/mK

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1200 x 2400mm
0.021 W/mK

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